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Xavi Elson - Motion Graphics freelance Barcelona

Motion graphics &
creative director

Xelson (Xavi Elson) is an audiovisual designer from Barcelona specialized in creativity, direction and production of motion graphics and filmography for advertising, television, cinema, web, events, museography, installations, gaming and apps.

I work individually as a freelance or forming a team with the production company Emorama, working as creative director.

Trained in graphic design and specialized in motion graphics, I carry out all the phases of an audiovisual project, from the conceptualization and initial proposal, to the direction and final production.


Creative direction
I help you identify the type of audiovisual production that best suits your needs. I look for the best references so that we can jointly define a concept, a style, I guide the tone of the video to be able to write a script and shape the ideas.
Motion graphics
I make video explainers with animated graphics for brands that want to promote themselves on the internet, television and events. I bring life to graphics, texts and characters in 2D and 3D to tell a story that impacts your target audience and creates an emotional bond with the brand. I also do motion graphics projects for advertising, museography, installations, mappings, video clips, app's, etc.
I realize small-format shootings and make corporate videos, reports and testimonial videos, always adding graphic design and animation as a differentiating feature.
01 BRIEFFING. Analysis of the client's needs, definition of goals and preparation of the working plan.
02 CONCEPT. Search for the tone, concept and references to define the style of the audiovisual project.
03 Script Creative writing of the script's video.
04 Storyboard. Illustrations sequence to show the video scenes.
05 Animatic. Storyboard with fake voice over to set the tempos, shots, frames and duration of each scene.
06 Style frame. Graphic design of the scenes and all the elements for the video.
07 Animation. Giving life and movement to shapes, fonts, characters and colors.
08 Audio. Sound design, soundtrack and voiceovers.

What they say about me?

"The project was a complete success and their small two-camera production team made it possible to produce the reports, just as we needed, always of great quality and good design taste. Very happy with the result and its impact"
"We have always worked very comfortably with him and his team, providing creative solutions in each project and achieving the marketing objective we wanted."

"It has been a pleasure working with Xavi making an explanatory video to share on Rutescompartides.cat networks. The video has been a complete success and I hope to collaborate with him in the future"


“Introduction to After Effects". (9h)

After Effects course for La Directa’s workers in “La Comunal“, a cooperative space in Barcelona.

“The Motiongraphics as a tool for communication and audiovisual journalism”. (2h)

Master session for the students of the Degree in Communication and Audiovisual Journalism of Lleida’s University.


Because I believe in solidarity and mutual support, A percentage of the annual turnover is allocated to the production of communication campaigns of social transformation projects.. Until now, thanks to this percentage I have been able to produce the projects that you can see in the section activism of this webside.