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Non-profit projects for cooperatives, NGOs, associations or social movements that work to build a more just, ethical, cooperative and supportive society and do not have the resources to finance an advertising campaign. To be able to do it, I exchange a percentage of my annual billing for my production hours destined to carry out these types of projects.


Design and production of the entire graphic identity of the PAUETS association (Association of families who have their newborns in the Sant Pau intensive care unit).

Graphic design: Xelson
Ilustration: Marc García.

(non-profit project)

La Directa

Recording and editing of audiovisual reports for La Directa, a news paper for social transformation.

(non-profit project)

som energia set

Som Energia

Design and production of the banner and rollup for Som Energía, an energy cooperative company of renewable energies.

Grpahic Design: Xelson
Print: Promoètic

(non-profit project)

Welcome Refugees

Animations to share on social media, to dismantle fake news about Syrian refugees.

Creativity, storyboarding and animation: Xelson
Graphic design: Sopa Graphics

(non-profit project)

La Directa

Explainer video of La Directa, a news paper in Catalan that understands communication as a tool for social transformation, that is why they want to visualize the practices of social movements, the projects that propose an alternative model to the current one and the groups made invisible by the majority of communication media .

Creativity, storyboarding, graphic design and animation: Xelson
Music and sound design: Andrés Galarza

(non-profit project)

Multireferéndum 2014

Design of the poster for the debate on the use of GMOs in the Multireferendum, a citizen initiative to debate and decide on issues that affect us in social, economic and environmental fields. With it, practices are sought that lead us towards a growing and direct democracy.

Creativity and graphic design: xelson

(non-profit project)